Barry Hilton – Cousin Approved

Is your product, Cousin Approved?

Barry Hilton is iconic in South Africa and abroad. His shows are continuously sold out and no matter where he goes, he makes people laugh and remember how good it is to be South African.

During Covid he was not idle and quite by accident, he realised that he could review products on Youtube and using “cousin speak”, he has now created a new journey.  Clients are lining up to give Barry their products to review.

SACommuter will be promoting those product reviews on our website as they are created and posted so that we keep our Cousin Barry really close. I had the good fortune to be invited by friends to see Barry at Emperors Palace (Barnyard) on stage with Long John Comedian.

What a lovely evening and laughed from start to finish. Long John is new on stage and from Zimbabwe. Relaxed and enjoyable, keep an eye on this young man as he will be following closely in the cousin’s footsteps!

Here are some of his youtube reviews

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