Daisy's Column

I’m a Big Big Girl

And so another day begins so much like any other. Seems like Keith will be around at home till september and giving him.more time to recover as well as drive me crazy.

I have always worked at home where he hasn’t so he is encroaching on my territory. Hmmm. Tania has become the gardener and yesterday made lemon marmalade. Today we buying soap ingredients and using the aloe on the plot to make soap I’m going to sell in my PPE packs we have put together.

No one has purchased the promised gazillion masks yet from us and not even 1 box of gloves. So clearly my skill as a sales person has faded into obscurity.

Well so Be it. Today I’m drawing a chalk line around my side of the desk so as to keep unwanted fingers off my side of the desk. Remember WKRP in Cincinnati. The newsreader… Les Nesman ….he did a chalk drawing when they wouldnt give him an office. So keith is going to have to keep his grubby paws off my side of the table and knock before he comes onto my aide.

Yesterday he tidied my desk and I nearly hit him. In my chaos I know where everything is. He is so neat that all his pens linde up. He has coloured markers to mark different things in his book.  He writes carefully on different  pages putting plastic tags where he needs to I write from bottom left to top right in most pages in handwriting only I can insert ad and sometimes not. And then at 6pm he got dressed into his Moth regalia to celebrate founders day. All the moths did it at the same time in their gardens.

I’m going to put a huge room divider between us so he doesnt do his army thing on me.  Hmmm come and intrude on my space them tell me when I can take lunch and when I can have coffee and watch SVU! I don’t think so.

Puppy always wakes us in the morning by putting his nose on Keith’s nose and he splutters awake and the  lies on his chest till he gets up so we can take them for a walk. When you say lead he runs around till he finds Carmen’s first then like a true gentleman brings hers first then his. So cute man.

Tania my sister made the most amazing fairy garden for me and surprised me with it a couple of days ago. She has been making it under the cover of darkness. It is in honour of Shannons birthday as we couldn’t get to her grave this year. So beautiful and thoughtful. I love my family.

And my current pet hate is clients who invite me for a meeting and give me a list of things to buy then don’t. I spend hours finding items and getting great pricing and then Nothing. I’m going to start naming and shaming from next week. Stupid assholes.

But I’m putting school packs and small business packs together now and will start packaging next week hopefully when I have cash. Maybe someone will buy something…

Ag ja. Another day another dollar  and as Emilia says…

I’m a big big girl
In a big big world
It’s not a big big thing if you leave me
But I do do feel
That I do do will
Miss you much
Miss you much

I can see the first leaf falling
It’s all yellow and nice
It’s so very cold outside
Like the way I’m feeling inside