Louis The Lawyer

The man you need on your side as a small business

Louis the Lawyer is an admitted attorney and advocate specialising in travel, tourism, hospitality, logistics and best of all, small businesses.

His dedication to the small business, to helping those in need, is well known and here he is going to assist small business with a 5 minute insert twice a day with Geniene Preston on Actonville FM between 9 to 12 noon (CAT).

Our first introduction to Louis is on Tuesday 6 April at 09h30 and we learn about his journey to being over 70 and still up at the crack of dawn to see who needs his help next!  His wife Sue, can’t see him retiring any time soon.

Louis is setting up at least 15 x 5 minute inserts as well as a monthly 60 minute debate with industry leaders to help small businesses understand the importance of contracts – sort out the divorce before the marriage!