Multilevel Marketing – Make Money or Lose Money?

Is Multilevel Marketing for you? Is the secrecy surrounding the products worth alienating your customers?


In this podcast series, we look at the different forms of Multilevel marketing offered in the world today. Do they make money for those who enter it, how does it work, what are the costs and do you HAVE to get your friends and family involved just so you can make your target. Is the product brand ambassadors really all they say they are?

Lindi Tshabangu and Geniene Preston, look into this subject by uncovering each of the most popular products and interview those that have risen in the ranks.  Make your mind up whether it works for you or doesn’t.

  1. Episode 1 – Introduction
  2. Episode 2 – Tupperware
  3. Episode 3 – Herbalife
  4. Episode 4 – Forever Life
  5. Episode 5 – Amway
  6. Episode 6 – Your Daily Choice
  7. Episode 7 – Justine
  8. Episode 8 – Avon
  9. Episode 9 – Bitcoin
  10. Episode 10 – WorldVentures

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Geniene Preston has been a radio personality on various main stream radio stations for over 20 years. I have now decided to move into Podcasting Episodes in order for you to learn about South Africa, whether to move or stay and what the experience was like for others.

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