Spotter of those hidden traffic camera's, vehicles with cameras and many other road user irks

At first Cliff was a complete secret. No one knew who he was. The he decided to come out from the Twitter “Closet” as it were and he became a recognisable figure.

Pigspotter was started as something of  share between friends who could let each other know where the cops were or the hidden cameras. In a short time it reached 1000, then 10,000 followers and soon it was way over 100,000. Cliff became the go to guy to help those road warriors that couldn’t reach the powers that be. A kind and humble man, Pigspotter has made a big difference in our lives. Thank you. Here is the story of Cliff and Pigspotter…. Enjoy and then if you don’t follow him yet, go and do it now!

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South African, Entrepreneur
Multiple business owner
Social Media Rockstar
Cliff Central Host