Upcoming Stories and their authors….

One dark and dreary night a band of robbers sat around a cmpfire. The captain arose and seated himself on a log and said… Andy Marshall

As the tears rolled down her rosy cheeks she began to realise that she would never be the same again…Leigh Stegen Strauss

And it was only when we woke up the day after that … Fiona Elbourne-Joubert

And the world came together as the people stayed apart (jennifer Wagner) – Carol beijer

The wolf howled and turned to look at …. Robin Woodward

As she turned the corner, she saw him standing there, watching and waiting… Shelley Spies

As she sat on the beach, she realised – Sam in the UK

It was a Sunday afternoon in the city centre. The wind was howling like a wolf the sky was as grey as the freshly laid tarmac. Peter knows something is amiss, he can feel it, when suddenly…. Jacobus Myburgh

Without  a doubt she knew…. Zandre

The stars shine like fires glowing in the night sky – Leila

He heard the call for last ride so he thew his leg over his Iron horse … Wayne Flowerday

With a howl off in the distance, Jack thought to himself…. Clinton



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