Rock your Morning – #smallstartupBigDreams

Nothing like starting your own business. But where to start that is the big question!

On my show, Rock your Morning, on Actonville FM, Monday to Wednesday 9-12, we help small businesses worldwide. And here is no exception.

I love helping people and this platform is perfect to help those who need assistance but not sure where to find it.  On this page you will find links and podcasts that will assist you, just by finding your way here!

Start Your Own Business Welcome pack – includes templates for business plan, budgets and a 180 page book on how to start your own business! It is all designed to assist you with your own business.

Career Centre is a new and exciting concept started in collaboration with Actonville FM to get your career going !  Thursday are two days a week dedicated to ensuring you know where you are going and if not, we are going to help you get there. Ischtelle Hechter will always be there to talk to you

Carlos Batista is here to help small businesses to get going with a perfect linked in profile. Every Tuesday on the show he will spend 15 minutes answering questions and giving advice. Listen to his podcast and visit his website (there is a weekly free webinar you can attend) you will not go wrong.