Domestic Tourism – Manny De Freitas, Shadow Minister of Tourism shares his views….

Join us in our journey through South Africa as we talk to those in the tourism and travel industry throughout the country about their journey back from the pandemic and many lock down restrictions.


Is the South African hospitality and travel industry in dire straits or is there a road back? Listen to these podcasts and follow the owners of venues and hotels and how they have overcome their lowest points. Manny de Freitas, and Geniene Preston explore tourism in more detail.


We will be travelling from Cape Town to the northern most part of the country, Musina. Once visitors arrive in Cape Town they generally spend time in the area before moving on into the rest of the country. Local travellers will also benefit from our interviews, links and contacts we will list on all our stories. South Africa is open to Travel!

Read and listen to our series that will follow the map as below. Each episode is about 30-32 minutes.

Episode 2 – 6 Cape Town and Surrounds including the West Coast to Patranoster
Episode 7 – 11 The Road to Mossel Bay through Swellendam
Episode 12 – 16 We travel up along the Garden Route to Port Elizabeth
Episode 17 – 21 Its time to enter the Wild Coast and travel to Durban
Episode 22 – 25 Beautiful coast line up to Kozi Bay
Episode 25 – 30 Now we head inland across to the Drakensburg
Episode 31 – 35 From this beautiful mountain range we head to the Kruger Park
Episode 36 – 40 The landscape changes and reaches the sweeping plains of Mpumalanga
Episode 41 – 45 The Limpopo is the gateway to Botswana and the swamps
Episode 45 – 50 Coming down to Gauteng, we enjoy the City of Gold and the Surrounding dams
Episode 51 – 54 Enjoy the North West Province as the country changes to Northern Province
Episode 55 – 56 We travel the sands of the Bushman through the Orange Free State to the Karoo
Conclusion – Once through the Karoo, we enter the winelands of the Cape and complete our journey

You simply can’t afford not to listen! Stories, interesting facts and interviews – Places to Go, People to see and things to do. And to wet your appetite, click on this SA Tourism video from 2007!


Geniene Preston has been a radio personality on various main stream radio stations for over 20 years. I have now decided to move into Podcasting Episodes in order for you to learn about South Africa, whether to move or stay and what the experience was like for others.

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