Welcome to Life is a Beach

Welcome to Life is a Beach podcast! If you are a South African looking to move overseas or choosing to stay then its the right place for you.

If you have found your way here, then you are looking for the podcasts that talk about whether to remain in South Africa or to find greener pastures elsewhere. We are not experts but I have talked to people about why they left and where they have gone! I also talk to those who stay either by choice or by design (we don’t all have foreign passports!) and how they are coping with the current pandemic, past and current. Whatever your nationality, if you are making the move or staying, why not come on the show and let us know your thoughts.

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Q&A via whatsapp voice notes are encouraged as I post a short summary on the episodes once I have approved the recording of the podcasts so that we can include your questions and answers where relevant. So get involved and ask those questions so we can include them in the show for the interviewee to answer them for you.

Subscribe to our podcast channel and to our website if you want to be advised about each of the podcasts to be able to ask your questions. Should you wish to be interviewed, then just complete the pop up form and I will be in contact.


Geniene Preston has been a radio personality on various main stream radio stations for over 20 years. I have now decided to move into Podcasting Episodes in order for you to learn about South Africa, whether to move or stay and what the experience was like for others.

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