Author - Louisa Duarttee

I am the founder of Momterpreneurs South-Africa and aslo the founder of Momtrepreneurs magazine.

I am passionate about small women owned businesses and woman empowerment.

I have a love for public speaking and empowering women to be what they have always dreamt of being.

I work with many small businesses on a daily basis.

I am co writer on 2 Finesse Books namely Oulike ma's & Is jy doof vir God

Momtrepreneurs SA

Momtrepreneurs SA does not only offer advertising and marketing, we assist woman with their small businesses with support, encouragement, growth and empowerment. I am Louisa Duarttee an woman empowerment ambassador, writer and business influencer as well as radio presenter at Sa Commuter radio. Momtrepreneurs SA  has 3 platforms we use namely our online business directory, our Digital woman’s business and lifestyle magazine as well as our social media platform-facebook group. Our Digital woman’s business and lifestyle magazine is jam packed with insightful articles, health and...

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