Our Listenership has grown since the start of the station on 31 May 2021. Yes its only been a short time since we launched the station but not being short on passion or vision, it has grown in leaps and bounds.

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In order to grow the station, I have worked with various events and organisations to ensure that our station grows every day.

  1. Collaboration with other radio stations whose listening market matches ours.
    1. RTL Radio – Broadcast 10am to 12 Noon – Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
    2. Hart Radio – From 1 July, the collaboration will include a few hours every evening and 2 hours on a Sunday. This will be confirmed by 30 June.
  2. Battle of Diamond Hill Blue Plaque unveiling on Saturday 12 June broadcast to old soldiers and their families worldwide. Our Thank you letter from Lord Airlie, is available here on the story of the event.
  3. MACH is keen to hear our Call Back the Past stories and their recommendation can be found here
  4. Men with Balls is an annual endurance ride for bikers and we are the appointed station to broadcast it to biker communities around the world. See here for more details.
  5. In July we will be attending the 2 year celebrations of the Walkerville Craft Market to encourage more people to listen. This is in line with launching our Mobile App and QR Code. Both can be found here.
  6. We have launched a Pay to View channel that will further enhance the listenership of the station.
    1. DJ Deck on a Friday allows pubs and bars to “rent” our DJ’s in a virtual world and enhance their patrons experience.
    2. Push our Panel – A panel discussion on serious subjects is held on Wednesdays between 6 and 8 pm
      1. Wednesday 23 June – Family advocates discuss custody mediation with our presenter of Family in focus, Susan Harnett. Cost is R20 per entry, limited to 50 entries Booking opens 21 June.
      2. Wednesday 30 June – Immigration and Emigration  – to the UK and returning South Africans. Two attorneys, one specialises in going to the UK and one for returning South Africans. Cost – R50 per entry. Limited to 50 entries. Booking opens 27 June.
      3. Wednesday 7 July – Domestic Tourism – How can we help our hospitality return to greatness. Cost is free – Sponsorship to be announced.

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