The Power of Pod

The Power of Pod

Podcast Week – the Power of Pod

Wireless Nights with Jarvis Cocker

Jarvis Cocker takes listeners on a nocturnal journey around stories of night people. Winner of the Prix Italia for Extraordinary Originality and Innovation, a top European radio prize. Originally broadcast on BBC Radio 4.


The Nightclub * NightTrain * Destiny’s Child * Dungeness * Megahertz * A new Years Resolution * Lockdown

Stories in Sound

Factual Documentary – Radio Ulster brings together some of the best radio documentaries from UK and Irish broadcasters.


Picture Perfect Life * When Home Hurts * The Man in My Attic – Who was He * The Other woman – The Life of Brian 50 Years a Priest * Breakdown Episode 1 * Breakdown Episode 2 * How to be an influencer

Ouch – The Cabin Fever Podcast

Ouch – the cabin fever podcast Podcast. The place where the real disability talk happens. Interviews, life hacks and things you don’t say out loud. With Simon Minty, Kate Monaghan and the Ouch team.


Do we get a lockdown dog to help our disabled Child? * Mentally interesting I couldn’t hold my baby * I wasn’t allowed to look out of the Window * I was told I was a curse on my family * Mentally interesting – I don’t get a holiday from myself * Do we really want to start hugging again?

On the Podium

The stories behind the medals. Paralympian Scout Bassett, comedian Eliza Skinner and athletics commentator Ed Harry interview remarkable athletes about the journeys they took to the Olympic and Paralympic Games.
Brighton Zeuner * Lex Gillette * Saksh Malik * Helen and Kate Richardson Walsh
I was 30 Now I’m 15
Danielle Fahiya, 30, is now 15. Being home for lockdown is turning her into a teenager, but with less freedom!
My Life on Paws, do I need a furbaby * My Lockdown Goals – give me a break * Style Crisis, what crisis?
Driving Home for Christmas
Join the festive fun as a dysfunctional family battle their way home, towards the festivities and each other. Comedy Drama by Dafydd James, Rachel Tresize, Philip Ralph, Kevin Dyer & Niall Griffiths.
The Lads * Pre Christmas * Mother in the doldrums * The plot * The Gambler
30 Animals That Made Us Smarter Podcast.
Amazing things humans have learnt from the animal kingdom. Inspiring, fascinating, bingeable.
Episodes :
Elephant and Robotic Arm * Squid and Self healing Materials * Camel and cool Medicines * Hedgehog and the Helmet

Scarlett Moffatt Wants to Believe

A podcast from BBC Radio 1. Presented by Scarlett Moffatt and Scott Dobinson and co-created by Scarlett Moffatt. – Scarlett attempts to uncover the truth… but can she convince her non-believer boyfriend Scott?


The Moon landing was faked * Whose team are you on?

Tech Tent

Rory Cellan-Jones on the latest stories in the tech world.


Can Bitcoin Mining every be Green? * Should robots look like humans? * Have Apps helped tackle the Pandemic? * Fresh Questions over Pegasus Spyware

Graham Norton Podcast

Graham Norton entertaining the nation, with a vibrant mix of celeb guests and chat. From BBC Radio 2


JK Rawling and Lady Anne Glen Connor * Kylie Minogue, David Atherton, Sam Mendes * Dan Walker, Kiell Smith-Bynoe, Samual West and Nicolas Ralph



The Northern Bank Job

It was the biggest bank heist in British and Irish criminal history. Belfast writer Glenn Patterson has unfinished business with the 2004 Northern Bank robbery.


Introducing the Northern Bank Job

  1. Unexpected Visitors
  2. Killing time
  3. Progressing Matters
  4. The Drop
  5. Cash by the Trolley Load
  6. The Mastermind
  7. Burning Embers
  8. See No Evil
  9. Testimony
  10. This Country
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