Thank you to our sponsors for being a part of our SA Commuter Radio family. Each sponsor has a page on our website and we urge you to visit their pages and take advantage of the great offers.

SAPRO – Anytime Anywhere – Thursday 10-4pm

Exporting Home Abroad – Our South African stores overseas all are stocked with items that make home seem a little closer than it normally would be when you live so far away from South Africa. Thanks to SAPRO there are so many items they provide.

Find out more here….

Cambri Learn – Class Talk Tuesdays 11 – 4pm

Personalised learning for British curriculum homeschoolers,students at traditional schools, comprehensive tutor centreand school educational support services. Access detailed course outlines, multi-sensory videos and interactive lessons available 24/7 on mobile, laptop, tablet and PC. All learning material is created by full-time professionally trained teachers.

Attend weekly live lessons conducted by subject matter experts, who cover the more difficult topics as well as exam technique.

Search and view recordings of past live lessons in order to maximise your knowledge.

Umhlanga Cat and Dog Parlour – Tuesday 10am – Pooches, Pets and Pussies

Umhlanga Dog & Cat Grooming Parlour is an upmarket pampering paradise for your pooch or kitty.
We cut or shave in any style, wash, blow dry, clip nails, clean teeth of any size or breed of dogs and cats. We sell shampoo, face wash and perfumes for your beloved pets and a range of natural anti itch oils.

Umhlanga Small Dog Hotel caters for the pampered pooches that wouldnt cope in kennels. We offer an upmarket home from home only for the small dogs and puppies in my house.

For more information contact Kerry on +27-82-778-6255

H2o Nero – Clean Water solutions – Mondays – Women Power –  10-4pm

  • Chlorine and Sediment: Unlike carbon filters, the H2O Water filter does not need a pre-filter to remove sediment and is able to leave in just the right amount of chlorine so that your water is always germ free.
  • No Loss in Water Pressure: The H2O Nero Water filter can maintain your current water pressure despite its fine filtering capabilities, because of the 1 micron PF
  • Lifetime Stainless Steel Filter: There is no bacterial growth inside the H2o Nero Water Filter.
  • We use a stainless-steel filter mesh that is good for the life of the filter.
  • No Electricity required

Go South Africa – Thursday 2-3pm SA Trippers

Go South Africa was started during Covid-19 Lockdown when international tourism faced a crisis of epidemic proportions. With travel being restricted not only to local provinces but also internationally.

Domestic tourism had been stagnant for a few years because of inexpensive travel internationally and more South Africans were visiting overseas destinations, whilst South Africa itself had so much to offer.

It then became apparent that we, as South Africans, love to travel and especially tell everyone about our experiences. With the upsurge of social media, we found the gap everyone has been waiting for – Reward for Referral.

Not only does it assist with giving business to the venues and activities but it also keeps them on their toes.

There are different ways to join and enjoy the benefits of Go South Africa.

Listen here to the Let’s Learn channel launch with Partners for Possiility

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