Trades, Domains and Promotions

Online radio has really come a long way and together with rising listener numbers and everyone working virtually, its now a preferred medium for promoting products together with great content. Our content is varied and the music is contemporary. Our advertising jingles are written, produced and voiced by the presenters themselves. And you can offer trades, barters for your space on our station. We offer sub domains for all sponsors and are an extension of your marketing department.

SA Commuter radio prides itself on good business practices and as such we do have a lot of fun with our customers and our listeners.

For our sponsors

Click here to read our presentation and see what we are all about. Some of the presenters have changed in our presentatoin and despite only being on air for a short while, we have made great strides in getting noticed! From doubling our listeners on a daily basis to ensuring that no less than 80 visitors per day visit our website, we also create a sub domain for every sponsor that comes on board. A place where your product can have some fun and not affect your corporate website. Where listeners can interact with you, competitions can be launched and an all important space for podcasts of sponsored shows. We encourage sponsorship of days or hours, its up to you.  Read our credo and you decide. I know you will agree. We are the perfect platform for your product. We also ensure that we reach as many listeners as possible including those online, who use apps on their mobile and of course who listen in malls, retails stores and lifestyle homes, villages even hospitals. We use social media and online promos to promote our customers products as well as innovative marketing ideas. We are after all, the extension of our clients marketing department.

We offer travel and training, trades and barters and our forward thinking is – what will make both customers and listeners happy. What is the extra mile we need to take?

For our Listeners

We provide amazing content sourced from all corners of the world, to interest South Africans living around the world.  Podcasts and Presenters that evoke emotions from smiles, to tears, from amazement to education.  Its all there and constantly changing and evolving. Our music tastes are eclectic and South African. Above all we remember who we are and each day on our program has a particular focus. Monday’s are family days, Tuesday we educate, Wednesday is fun days, Thursday we look back and Fridays we look behind us because its crime day! The weekends are designed for some of our shows to be rebroadcast, newcomers to the station and story time for all ages. Golden Circle for those over 50 is 6 to 9 in the morning.  Check out our programs on our website and why not download the app? Listening has never been easier.

Contact me, Geniene Preston, and let’s work together to make online radio and your product great!

SAPRO International

About the author


Geniene Preston has been a radio personality on various main stream radio stations for over 20 years. Now its time to own a streaming radio station and use all the information and marketing stored from years of learning.

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