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The weekends are for reflection and winding down. On Saturdays let your family listen to some of BBC Lifestyles funniest podcasts before catching up with Vanessa and Juanita while they talk to your body. Noel replays his best show of the week before Louisa brings us into the real world of working moms with Momtrepreneurs. Replays of Retro Regeneration with Geniene Preston, The Reel Jason with Jason Fiddler as well as Lindi Tshabangu's on the couch and last but not least, The Virtual Learner with Hugo Mendes.


Its the weekend and I know that its cool to put on your blue jeans and enjoy…

06h00/18h00 – The Power of Pod as we take a look at some fabulously funny and warm podcasts from BBC Lifestyle

08h00 – Talk to your body as you need to stay safe, warm and just great and since its the weekend Juanita and Vanessa are going to walk you through how to look and feel well.

10h00 – Noel replays one of the weeks most popular shows – don’t forget to vote on Friday on our Vote now button.

12h00 – World News

12h30 – World in Progress

13h30 – Momtrepreneurs – Louisa Duarttee has a great outlook on the life of working mom’s

15h00 – Anywhere Anytime with Geniene Preston (Replay)

17h00 – Graham Norton Show

18h00 – 08h00 – Power of Pod – Great podcasts from around the world


08h00 – On the couch with Lindi as she takes on some of South Africa’s finest (Replay)

12h00 – The Virtual Learner with Hugo Mendes as he finds his way through the online education space (Replay)

15h00 – The Reel Jason – Lifestyle views news and interviews (Replay)

17h00 – 06h00 – The Power of Pod – Great podcasts from around the world


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Geniene Preston has been a radio personality on various main stream radio stations for over 20 years. Now its time to own a streaming radio station and use all the information and marketing stored from years of learning.

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